Kelsie + Harley's 1970's Themed Anniversary Session in Grand Rapids, MI

1970s themed roller skate shoot in Grand Rapids Michigan 46.jpg

“In 2012, we photographed each other for our college classes, fell in love, and eloped in 2016. We never celebrated anniversaries. When we thought about what to gift each other to celebrate, we knew what we had to do.

The best gifts for our wedding anniversary are gifts for ourselves in the future. So every year, we have photos taken. 

We are a wedding photo + video team full time so we get to see a ton of engagement sessions and weddings. This means when we have our chance to plan, we go hard.

We mutually agreed that the 1970’s were an ideal place to start. We love the fashions and music of the decade-so I began gathering things. I always want to encourage couples to do fun and crazy things during their sessions, but most like to stay safe! (Which is totally fine!) Doing this crazy session was such an eye opener on how just little things can turn out SO epic and truly show our relationship without being overwhelmingly themed.

Take chances when you take your photos. Think of the things you love and do them! Have fun! Don’t worry about your hair your face or your body! (Unless you wore a deep V body suit while rollerskating.)” – Kelsie

Honored to photograph your anniversary photos, Kelsie and Harley! The best ever.

Anniversary session by Michigan wedding and portrait photographer Ryan Inman.