Mentor Sessions

Mentoring sessions for photographers


For those who want to get started with their business or want some refinement...

When I went from being a hobbyist photographer to running a BUSINESS... I was lost. I get it. I even know what it’s like to be a few years in, feeling stuck, and wondering if I’m doing things the best way.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out!

My mentor sessions are offered in person in Grand Rapids, MI or via FaceTime/Skype if you’re elsewhere. Either way, we can make it work. The topics listed below are what I feel are most important and valuable when it comes to running a successful photography business. 

If you’re afraid of some tough love, this type of mentoring may not be right for you. I’ll admit it. If you’re ready to take a risk, hustle hard, and make things happen… I’m happy you found me.

Let’s chat about it over some coffee!



- The business side of things
(e.g. How to price yourself for success, taxes, licensing)
- Finding your ideal client and how to book them
- Website and work critiques
- Social media, branding, and marketing 
- My editing process and workflow
- Vendor Relationships
- Any other questions!


Business Mentor Session


For those new to the wedding photography industry or those looking to refresh how they do things.

2 hours of nonstop business talk

Includes all topics listed

Optional add-ons:
Live shoot with couple +$100
Additional hours +$200/hr

Will accommodate special requests (e.g. group mentor sessions). Contact for quote.

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This can be anything. Pour your heart out!

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