What makes them special?

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Full album review

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Color options

Because one color doesn't fit all


My linen album line consists of eight specially curated color options from beautiful textile blends. 

If you're having a hard time deciding on a color choice, my personal favorites and most popular options are: Charcoal, Fog, and Natural. These options share a classic wedding album look that will stand the test of time. 


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The Process

From design to printing


1. Image Selection

In order to design an album you'll love, I have you favorite 50 of your favorite images from your online wedding gallery. I'll add in any additional images I see fit when designing your spreads. 

2. Album Review

After designing your album from your selections,  I will send a draft that you can critique and change. This includes layout and image changes. We do two reviews before approving and sending to production. 


3. Printing 

After approval, I'll send the final draft to the printer and they'll begin printing and manufacturing your album. Since every album is hand assembled and inspected, this process will take 15-20 days. 

4. Delivery

I take quality seriously so the inspections don't stop there! Once I receive the album at my office, I'll personally inspect it. From there, it's to the post office and off to your doorstep. I'll provide a tracking code so you can get excited for its arrival! 


It's finally time...

Let's get started!

Have you submitted your final image selection from your online gallery? *
Optional: Would you like a cameo photo on the cover of your album? *
This is an optional addition to your album to include a cutout in the top of your album for an image to show through. (see images above for examples)
The cameo image is a square cutout featuring an image of your choice.